Our Program for Kindergarten Age Children

Our program for kindergarten children aged 4 and above operates full time throughout the year within our hours of work, so parents do not have to collect their children after the program for the day has finished or worry about Kindergarten Closure during the school holidays.

We offer a government-funded 4-year-old kindergarten approved program taught by our qualified Bachelor of Early Childhood trained Teacher.

It continues to provide opportunities for children to develop their literacy and numeracy skills through play-based experiences. Our kindergarten program encourages children to think critically as they engage in the educational program.

Best Opportunities Our Kindergarten Approved Program Offers

Attending the kindergarten approved program will provide opportunities for your child to:

Grow in confidence, cultivating a positive view of themselves as a learner
Use language to effectively communicate ideas, feelings and needs
Gain knowledge and experience in a group learning environment alongside their peers
Make friends and engage in group activities where they collaborate with their friends
Learn to look after their belongings
Develop resilience and self-regulation through engaging in challenging activities
Communicate confidently with adults outside their family circle
Develop literacy skills, creatively expressing ideas and feelings through art, music, story-telling and dramatic play
Expand their scientific and numeracy skills as they identify, explore, examine and questions to solve problems.

Our program for kindergarten will provide your child endless opportunities to practice playing cooperatively, communicate effectively, persist with tasks and interact respectfully with others in creating a positive learning environment.

Transition to School

A positive start to a child’s life at school  is a collaborative approach between their parents, our early childhood teachers, their future primary teachers, the children themselves and, in some circumstances, health professionals. We work with our local schools ensuring there is open communication with everyone involved to assure the educational and holistic needs for your child are met.

Information is exchanged through both formal and informal channels allowing the schools to gain a greater understanding of your child’s strengths, needs and interests. Our relationships with the local schools have been built on trust and respect , ensuring families are well informed of the processes, requirements, and expectations of the school. Our program for kindergarten provides the bridge for families to build positive relationships with their respective schools.