Nutrition and Meals

Establishing good eating habits is an essential part of healthy development in young children. We particularly recognise that the education and care setting plays a key role in teaching children to learn and develop a positive attitude towards food and healthy eating.

Our 4-weekly menu is designed to ensure that there is a balance of nutritional ingredients from all food groups offered throughout the day. Each menu is planned, incorporated and evaluated in conjunction with dieticians, while also following the guidelines for a child in long day care and their daily nutritional daily requirements, and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

Our Menu:

  • Autumn/Winter Menu is served between March and August
  • Spring/Summer Menu is served between September and February
  • Fresh seasonal fruit accompanies both Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea
  • Lunch meals consist of a variety of beef, chicken, tuna and vegetarian dishes
  • Vegetables are served with every lunch meal
  • An alternative is provided to children who are fussy eaters or have specific dietary requirements
  • Drinking water is accessible to all children at all times of the day

Menus are displayed for viewing and we encourage feedback and ideas from our families.
Families will be made aware through individual room communication charts what their child’s eating pattern has been throughout their day.

Special Dietary Requirements

Additional meals will be prepared and provided for children with dietary requirements including allergies, as well as those from families with cultural or religious requirements.